Anode Manufacturing

    • Manufacturing process
    • Quality control

Puchong factory :

2, Jalan TPP 5/17, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Seksyen 5, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

    • Natural Gas fired furnaces
    • Production Capacity -- 20 MT Per Day
    • Actual Output - 5MT to 20MT Per Day depending on size and type of anode

    • Various type of finish products
      – Structural anodes & Bracelet anodes

Inspection & Testing of Sacrificial Anode

    • Quality control
    • Inspection and Testing
    • Documentation

Incoming Aluminium Ingot Inspection

    • Aluminium ingot - Chemical composition check every 50MT against mill certificate. Purchase specification :

Chemical Analysis

    • Analyze every melt /batch /heat

Electrochemical Potential Test & Current Capacity Test Equipment

Electrochemical Potential Test & Current Capacity

    • EC Samples : before and after testing
    • Weighing Scale for EC Samples

Anode Dimensional Measurement

    • Measurement of anode length, width and height.

Weight Measurement

    • Anode weight measurement. All bracelet anodes are individually weigh

Dimensional Measurement

    • Dimensional measurement of anode length, thickness and tab distance.

Coating Thickness Measurement

    • Coating thickness measurement at 5 points or agreed locations

Mould And Anode ID Inspection

    • Internal anode diameter measurement.
    • Mould OD Check

Destructive Testing

    • Destructive tested anode

Fit Up Test

    • Drum Fit test