Norimax fluorocarbon-coated bolts & nuts meet the specifications of PETRONAS, SHELL, EXXONMOBIL, and other major oil & gas operators.

    • Many coated bolts & nuts suppliers are unable to offer consistent quality of their products. Norimax management commits to high quality assurance in both product manufacture and technical service.
    • Norimax emplaces strict in-house quality assurance and quality control in the production of fluorocarbon coating of bolts & nuts.
    • Norimax has a dedicated in-house QA/QC and Research & Development team.

Stage 1 – Zinc Plating

Bare Bolts & Nuts

- Material specifications

    • Material specifications for stud bolts shall be in accordance to ASTM A 193 GRADE B7 matching with
    • Heavy Hex Nut (UN) which material spec is ASTM A194 GRADE 2H.

-Incoming Goods

    • Check appearance of bare bolts & nuts.
    • Surface must be free from any defects.
    • Thread-fit test
    • Random check on dimensions.

Stage 2 – Pre-Coating

Stage 3 - Fluorocarbon Coating

Stage 5 - Final Inspection

Visual Inspection

Acceptance Criteria

    • Free of surface defects.
    • 100% check

QC Procedures

Dry Film Thickness (DFT) check

Adhesion test

Curing test

Curing test

Adhesion test

Hardness Test

Packaging & Preservation