Corrosion Monitoring & Risk Based Inspection

Corrosion Monitoring &
Risk Based Inspection

Norimax team of corrosion engineers provide skilled engineering services to conduct corrosion monitoring and corrosion inspection services using corrosion coupons, corrosion probes, and chemical analytical techniques.

brown wooden framed
brown wooden framed

Corrosion Monitoring

Offer Retractable & Retrievable, MH and HP access fittings Offer ER and LPR complete with Data Logger or Transmitters.
We are competent to supply materials, testing, commissioning and trouble shooting for corrosion monitoring systems

Coupons after being exposed to corrosive environment

Corrosion Inspection Services

  1. Direct Current Voltage Gradient "DCVG"

  2. Close Interval Potential Survey "CIPS"

  3. Steel Structures Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection

  4. Risk Based Inspection

Strategic Alliances: Setsco Singapore
  1. Intetech Ltd. U.K.

  2. Setsco Singapore

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